Don’t kid yourself, working out sucks!

There’s gotta be a better way!

Listen up- you’ve found it! We are the best CrossFit School in Texas and have CrossFit Coaches with 0ver 10 years of experience to prove it. So, stop wasting your time and energy on goals that don’t matter. If you think you’re wasting time at the gym, getting lousy results, and have nothing to brag about- CrossFit Victorious is for you!

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We’ve Got The Solutions To What’s Holding You Back!

If you’ve read this far we have your attention! So listen closely- This is what we can offer you… As a member of CrossFit Victorious we will provide a philosophical approach to your training.

3 Steps to Understanding Our Approach!

1.  Fitness Should Be Functional! The reality is that life is active and requires you to be strong, mobile, and ready for anything. Training the way you want to live, that is Active, will make your life easiermore enjoyable and productive.

2.  If you want to succeed, then you must set expectations! Let me explain. By learning how to track, measure, and evaluate your workouts, you will reveal the truth behind your progress. If you can see a benefit in having a purpose to your training and measuring your progress along the way, I encourage you to keep reading…

3.  Hard Exercise Works! If you want the results that I know you do, it will require you to step outside your comfort zone and into the RED ZONE! This is where results come fast, confidence in yourself grows, and people start to notice you more! But- If working hard, sweating, and following instructions aren’t your thing, I suggest you stop reading here.

Otherwise, discover what you’ve been missing below…

Now that you understand our approach to fitness, it’s important to point out there is more to getting into the best shape of your life than believing in a training philosophy. This is why you should know that our program is built with 2 important features that will act as a security system in case you lose motivation or sight of your goals throughout your program.

2 Important Features…

1.  Structure– Means that you can expect over 35 class hours a week to choose from (Health and Performance- Goal Based Programs), a Certified CrossFit Instructor leading every class, and an inspiring group of driven athletes to workout with every day!

2.  Accountability– Showing up to class is important. In Fact, your results depend on it! This is why having a primary coach to encourage your attendance and impact your life will transform the way you view fitness. Want proof? Read what our members have to say about it!

Still with me so far? Good. Then you’ll love that fitness at CrossFit Victorious means to be well rounded and skilled with all activities. Some of the equipment you’ll be using includes kettle-bells, barbells, plyometric-boxes, dumbbells, squat racks, medicine balls, bumper plates, gymnastics rings, etc… You will push, you will pull, you will lift, you’ll will sweat, and most of all you will have fun! Even the most beginner athletes will understand better technique and skill across weight liftinggymnastics, and cardio exercises in our classes.

Discover what it is to be Coached…

We are an all-inclusive fitness program. This means we remove the extra steps that cause failed fitness routines and nothing to brag about results!

Coaching will:

  • Save you time from planning your own workouts
  • Teach only the best training methods
  • Help you set and break through your fitness goals
  • Call you out on missed attendances
  • Remove the worry of your poor lifting technique
  • Make fitness so addicting and fun we may have to kick you out when it’s time to go home

Coaching will give you a powerful advantage over the risks and distractions of not having a trained eye nearby.

When you become a member: You’ll be educated, confident, and in control of your own results.

You have the ability to change!

We have the tools to get you in the eye popping best shape of your life!


Still not a believer? Then you better read what’s below…

Find out what a Motivated Community can do for you…

This community is Diverse... It offers athletes at any age and fitness level, an opportunity to work hard and excel. We’ve heard it before, “I’m in the worst shape of my life! I want to lose 20lbs., my clothes don’t fit the same as they used too! I can’t stay motivated on my own, I’m tired of not getting the results I want!”

Whoa, Not so fast… You’ve probably heard this kind of stuff before and seen better results from the cereal diet! So, how about a sneak peak inside by scheduling a complimentary Introductory Session?

Now, Can You See Yourself Getting Results Here too?

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