At Victory Gym, we provide you with the highest quality training and programming. Every step of your journey is overseen by our top-notch staff of Coaches. Give us 30 days and we will change your life.

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“Since beginning the Victory Nutrition program, I have realized I have tried so many fad diets.  Nothing ever really worked.
Being prepared has been a huge lesson I have learned in this program.”
Mindy Bernard

You’ve tried dieting a million times. Now try something different!!

This is a different kind of nutrition program.
With our program powered by Precision Nutrition, we’re aiming to fix that.

By giving control back to the people who are ready to make a change…and who want something more than just another stupid diet book.

  • Make changes to your body by learning what “good nutrition” really means for you.
  • Discover the only information you need to lose fat, gain muscle, and improve your health.
  • Backed by science and research with real people; not by fads.

If you would like to get started on your way to a total transformation, contact Coach Jose at for an initial consultation.

A Typical Day

Each time you come to the gym for a workout, you’ll spend about an hour here. The class is broken down into different sections.

Warm Up
The entire group will participate in a dynamic warm up. Nothing crazy, just some movements to get the heart rate up, get the blood flowing, and break a little sweat.

Strength Training
We base our strength training around multiple cycles throughout the year to ensure that your results are balanced and optimized. During a typical cycle, we’ll hit all the primary lifts coupled with accessory movements. Remember, one of our defining principles is that everything can be scaled to an individual’s ability – you won’t be expected to lift hundreds of pounds on your first day (unless, of course, you want to and can demonstrate the proper form).

Metabolic Conditioning
This is where the magic happens! The metabolic conditioning (MetCon) portion of the class consists of varied functional movements that are performed at a high level of intensity to a moderate level, based on the intent of the workout and your fitness level. This part of our program will increase your endurance, boost your cardiovascular capacity, and allow you to achieve things that you never thought possible. Whether your goal is to climb ropes and do pull-ups, get better at some physical tasks at work, or simply not be out of breath when you walk up the stairs, the MetCon will get you where you want to be.

Cool Down
To finish up, the group will do some quick stretches and/or exercises to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles – two major problem areas for many people.

Come Visit Us!
Have you made your appointment for your Free Intro Session? We’d love to have you come in and hang out with us so we can learn about your goals and tell you how we can help!

Welcome to our High Octane class designed for the endurance enthusiast in mind.

Improve overall cardiovascular endurance and muscular stamina in this class. You will be coached through a workout that is created to improve run and rowing endurance, while completing weightlifting movements related to those in a Spartan Race/ Tough Mudder/ Warrior Dash and more.
This class will challenge you mentally and physically for over 45 min workout.

See our Schedule for times and days (HERE)


Improve flexibility and mobility. You will be lead through a series of stretching, balancing and strength movements and postures that will challenge your core and muscle endurance. You will learn how to incorporate breathing into each movement.

Class times available on our schedule. (HERE)



Prepare for your next race whether it’s a 5k, 10k, half marathon or a full marathon, by joining our Victory Endurance club. You will be trained and led by our very own Endurance coaches certified and trained by the CrossFit Endurance team.

What does the Victory Endurance club entail?

1. Weekly homework runs – you will be assigned 2 runs to complete on your own in addition to your regular Victory workouts. These runs will vary in pacing and distance. Usually homework consists of running intervals with specific work and rest time. You can always gather up members through the FB page to run with during the week.

2. Saturday Group Runs – we will meet in The Woodlands to run on Saturday mornings at 6 am. We chose 6 am so you can get your run in and get going with the rest of your day. There will be different route options depending on your goals.

3. Private FB Group – we will communicate through a private facebook page. You will receive information and motivation through the FB page.

Contact us for our next training session

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Our Victory I.D. Program is the most effective way to meet your fitness goals. Whether you are an elite athlete, looking to take your performance to the next level, or someone who takes their health and fitness seriously, we can help you improve.

Kids (1)


Our youth are on the road to becoming “Future Fire Breathers.” 

They will learn new skills and be taught involved light weights movements. Exercises will include plyometrics, gymnastics, weight lifting basics, running, rowing, and stretching. Classes will include game play and positive reinforcement, as well as discussions on what was learned in each class.

Classes available every Summer June-August

We are proud to be partnered up with Paths in Healing message therapy owned and operated by our Victory Coach Tim Janak.

Mobility is the ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance.  A Session with Tim Janak is designed to help you hack your body’s mechanics and provide the tools to perform basic maintenance on yourself.

Contact them for an appointment at:832-767-8549

We are also proud to be partnered up with Cryo Recovery owned by of our very own Victory Coach Bill Hanks. 

Cryo Recovery offers the most innovative recovery treatments on the market, including Cryotherapy, Compression Recovery with NormaTec, Muscle Condition with Marc Pro, Massage Therapy, Active Release Therapy and a full service Alkaline water filling station.  Our Cryo Chambers use a state-of-the-art design to provide the most comprehensive Cryo treatment.  Whether you’re looking for general wellness , improved athletic performance or spa and beauty benefits, Cryo Recovery is the proven source for overall physical recovery.

Conveniently located in Vintage Park shopping area.

CALL THEM AT: 832-779-1673



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