Last week I met someone who said he goes to a big chain gym because it’s cheaper, but he then he added, “What I don’t get there is that sense of family that my friends seem to get at their CrossFit gyms.”  That started me thinking about how I benefit from being part of our CFV family.

Encouragement. Sure, I could run, row, lift weights, do push ups on my own.  But would I push myself as hard?  Absolutely not.  And what’s cooler than seeing our athletes cheering each other on and being genuinely excited about each other’s accomplishments?

Support. I’m not talking only about positive vibes and encouragement.   Think about how much educational and counseling support we get from our coaches.  CFV is not just “a place to go work out.”   When I have questions about the science behind the workout, the purpose of a movement, my nutritional needs, physical limitations, fitness goals … I know I can ask a coach and get a knowledgeable answer.

Dependability. CrossFit workouts may be “constantly varied,” but when I walk into CFV, I know what to expect: a demanding workout, led by a qualified, caring, attentive coach, along with others who aren’t trying to be superhuman or show off.  I feel comfortable sweating, grunting, and looking like a fool in your company because we all just want to get, and stay, fit.

Accountability. When I know that my gym buddy is going to miss me (and possibly embarrass me on social media) if I don’t show up, I’m more likely to show up, right?  And we know that consistent attendance leads to consistent progress (or maintenance).

Shared Suffering.  There’s not much than can bring us closer than experiencing Murph, the Open, or Fran together!  We go through the pain side by side, we survive, and we become stronger not only as individuals but as a family.

Friendships. Let’s face it.  We are blessed to have a lot of really fun-loving, welcoming, positive-thinking, strong-inside-and-out people here at CFV.  I look forward to seeing you all every time I show up at the gym, and that makes those dreaded WODs more enjoyable!

So yes, CFV is expensive compared to some big-box gyms, but when I think about how much my gym family helps me, I think I get far more than I pay for.



July 31, 2017

We Are Family

Last week I met someone who said he goes to a big chain gym because it’s cheaper, but he then he added, “What I don’t get […]
April 26, 2017

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