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May 5, 2017
Frogger Stretch
May 10, 2017

You Call This FUN?!

Do your friends roll their eyes when you say that CrossFit is “fun”? Or that you love going to the gym?   What’s so fun about it?!

PRs. Who doesn’t like beating their previous time, or reps, or score?  Recording your performance at each class allows you to track your progress and look back at how far you’ve come since you started.

SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT. Whether you PR or Rx or scale or make it an active recovery day … you walk away from each class with the “I did that! (And I didn’t die!)” feeling.  And once you’ve done it once, you can say “I can do that again!”

RECAPTURING YOUR YOUTH.  At the gym, you are prompted to do physical activities you may not have done since you were child … if ever!  Jumping rope?  Rope climbs? Box jumps? Gymnastics?

STRESS RELIEF.  In class you’re forced to shut out the outside world and work/home/school demands, because you’re focused on learning new techniques and on making it through the WOD, one rep at a time.  Your hour at the gym is a physical and emotional release from, and recharge for, the rest of your day.

MENTAL CHALLENGE.  Your body is not the only thing working!  Your brain is challenged to learn new techniques and movements.  (And then, there’s the math )

FAMILY.  As Pam put it, “I came to CFV for the health; I stay for the community.”  Coach Jose calls it “shared suffering.” We know we’re going to hurt, but we’re going to do it along with our friends, with lots of laughter, mutual support, and camaraderie.

INSIDE JOKES.  Because it’s more fun to #blamejose.  Dumbbell thrusters, anyone?


Priscilla Shontz
Priscilla Shontz

Priscilla Shontz is the Athlete Relations Coordinator at CrossFit Victorious.

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